Need a bartender to add that final touch of class to your event?

The Formal Services Agency offers professional bartending and beverage services for the Princeton University community. We have a hand-picked team of fully trained, certified and professional student-bartenders ready to work your university event*.


Our School-Year Rates**

Beer/Wine (pouring) - $30/bartender/hr                          

Full Bar (any mixed drinks) - $35/bartender/hr  


  Our Reunions Rates (June 1st - June 4th)***

Beer/Wine (pouring) - $40/bartender/hr

Full Bar (any mixed drinks) - $45/bartender/hr


Our Policies:

Please reserve bartenders at least 10 business days in advance. Reservations placed less than 5 business days in advance cannot be guaranteed. 

-  Reservations placed less than 3 days in advance are subject to a late fee of $20 if honored, along with major changes made less than 2 days in advance (extra bartender needed, time changed, etc).

- Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the event will be subject to a 20% charge.


*Please note, we are unable to provide bartending services to university eating clubs.

** Subject to $50 booking fee (1-200 attendees); $75 booking fee (200-500 attendees); $100 booking fee (500-1000 attendees); $125 (1000-1500)

*** Subject to $100+ booking fee

Bartender Request Form

Our bartenders are not responsible for checking IDs, providing mixers/alcohol, or providing bartending tools (though this may be arranged if necessary).

Contact Name *
Contact Name
Contact Phone
Contact Phone
In case the bartenders working your event need to reach you
ex. [Department Name] Wine & Cheese Event, Upperclassmen Social Hour
Event Date *
Event Date
School Year: Beer/Wine Pouring $30/hr/bartender; School Year: Full Bar $35 hr/bartender; Reunions: Beer/Wine Pouring $40/hr/bartender; Reunions: Full Bar $45/hr/bartender;
***REUNIONS: Subject to $100+ booking fee*** 1-200 attendees: $50 base fee + Hourly Bartender Fee; 200-500 attendees: $75 base fee + Hourly Bartender Fee; 500-1000 attendees: $100 base fee + Hourly Bartender Fee
Beverage Selection *
Juice ($1.50 ea. / $18 per dozen); Soda ($1.00 ea. / $12 per dozen); Water/Tonic/Seltzer ($1.00 ea. / $12 per dozen)
If paying by check, please write "check. If you are paying by Departmental/Journal charge, please write appropriate chartstring.

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